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yoon_jin_kim's Journal

The Yoon-Jin Kim Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Please read the rules prior to joining.

:: Posts must be related to Yoon-jin or her projects.
:: When posting news, credit your source.
:: When posting many images, use thumbnails.
:: Thumbnails within 100x100 square or 100x150 rectangle.
:: When posting a lengthy post, use the "lj-cut".
:: Check the memories to avoid duplicating posts.

:: No bashing of other members.
:: No ads or promotions of other LJ communities.
:: If you have a problem, question, or comment, post it here.
:: Those who are seen breaking the rules will be banned.

:: Finally, keep it clean and enjoy the community!


YJK 100x35 Buttons - Please save images to your own server; do not link image.

YJK Affiliates - Post your request here.

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